Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Difference

Today when I was thinking of another typical reason to persuade people to pledge toward my kickstarter project, I had a realization: I'm giving people a chance to do something quite AMAZING, INSPIRING and TRANSCENDENTAL!

Allow me to explain:
This morning I looked into the sun, as part of my solar gazing routine, and was filled with something I had read the night before. It was an account of an Ayahuasca vision in which a woman saw a stone bust, representing herself, smashed into pieces as pure white light poured out of it. She described the light as not just shining but penetrating her very being.

I have felt this light before, as I'm sure you have, at those times when we seem to be at our best...when a beautiful song just spills out of me, when I cheer someone up with just my words and good intentions, when I married my love, when I watch an amazing film or read a story or witness a moment of artistic passion at a concert. These instances are when our egos cease and we are simply existing in the moment, connected to all, soaking up the light.

I have aspired to do this every time I pick up my guitar for the songs that will become my new album. I have tried to let my ego die, and let pure inspiration take it's place.

I realized, that as my body is just a vessel for the light of my soul, so too are my songs vessels that can share all the joy and pain and life that is within me... AND THEREBY SHINE A PART OF ME INTO YOU!

By helping make my kickstarter project a success, you are proactively doing something UN-ORDINARY that will give back to you on SO MANY LEVELS! I am giving you the opportunity to do something, not because you have to, or because it's a good deal, but because you want to partake of this universal light that burns at the heart of EVERYONE'S Art, Love & Community!

Now doesn't that sound better than thumbing through packaged products, disposable cd's, iTunes promotions and the like?!

So please, if you haven't already, help me bring my passionate music to YOU, and others, through a thick piece of WAX and a grass roots community, by backing my project HERE.

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