Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rare-Fi Studio

I believe in taking the most holistic approach that one can, when "navigating" our path. Obviously, trying to control our fate too much disintegrates the fragile (and perhaps elusive) holistic way of find a balance between "doing what we can" and "going with the flow" is about as close as we may come.

Music is truly no different. The contrived and heady song, constructed from blueprint often falls flat, while the noodling whimsy of a jam band doesn't always command our attention. If I have learned anything, it's that pulling from what I think I know, must meet the musings of feeling my way through- eye to eye. This is not something I can force, the mood must be right, my head must be clear and my ego has to cease to exist, if the holistic truth of a song is to resound.

And as the writing of music goes, so must the recording/engineering/producing follow suit. Often when a band has appeared with a sound or style that is not conducive to the studio methodology of the day, the recorded result, for all it's accepted technical merits (assumptions?), doesn't do the music justice. This is indeed an injustice. Who's to say (especially with hindsight) that sticking a screwdriver through your amp's speaker is wrong!? As the writing of music should ideally reflect life's dynamics of shade and light, so must the recording of it.

The artist and the engineer/producer (in my case, for better or worse, I am both) must therefore obtain wisdom and experience without compromising intuition and experimentation.

Fortunately I've had the chance to consider these principles when designing the "Rare-Fi Studio". With all the possibilities, all the limitations, all the contradictory proclamations...I have put the holistic principle, the wisdom of balance, foremost in my decision making process. The results that follow are of a studio that not only fits me and our home, but is capable of functioning dynamically, allowing room for both shade/technical detail AND the light of unrestrained inspiration.

A technical look
An aesthetic look