Saturday, May 1, 2010

The story of the Hare and the Muse

While waiting on the vinyl to arrive, I feel I should recount what has occurred here, because it really does put a smile on my face. To know that an idea has grown and developed into the vision I've nurtured, we've nurtured, validates the philosophy that has always dominated my being; that idealism is only one step removed from reality...action is and always will be the determining factor.

The album itself, & title as well, are commentary on that belief. "Find a sluggard without a 'scuse, and find a hare without a muse", this is an old and rather odd proverb that inspired the title. The proverb basically means that a lazy person always has an excuse, like a rabbit always has a hole or opening to creep reach the "garden". I interpreted this a bit more metaphorically, and the dual meaning of Muse was irresistible...when doesn't an artist find inspiration by going through that opening, rabbit hole, or by entering a fruitful patch via that coveted MUSE!

It was a very fitting title, especially since I had recently penned a couple of songs that seemed to just fall in my lap. I had indeed been visited by a muse, and happily, my wife Nichole actually is and was the real embodiment and subject of that inspiration. With a real life muse, a whim of inspiration, all fueling my ambitions, I took the step of starting a Kickstarter project ( is a great resource for artists) to build a base of supporters that would help in funding a vinyl release of an album that was still only a vision. In fact, all of these ideas, my vision for an album that was an ode to things of beauty, meaning, and inspired empowerment, on a vinyl record...a co-op DIY effort, would have never been more than an idea, without the dedication, devotion and action of myself and the gracious people forging this into a tangible piece of art. Art that can become a muse for another, becoming the seed for another wave of creation, only requiring the nurture of action to bloom.

The people that were instrumental in making this happen will never be forgotten, and not only deserve credit, but a look into some of their projects and passions. Sincere thanks go out to the following supporters:
my wife Nichole, my mom Gena, and other family members Nan, Jane, Billy, who all showed faith in my vision in addition to their love.
Kris Rue- a musician and supportive friend. Seth Smith- long time friend and artist who you can check out here @, Andrew Helt- life long friend and partner in crime, Joel Cachero- friend and musical contributor, old friend Joe Shamrock, friends- Candy & Chuck, and Joseph Lavender & Tim Baughman. Check out Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor @ and Jeff Cohen @