Thursday, November 18, 2010

Building an Eternal Temple

The day before my foray into the House Show movement was cold and rainy, the threat of ice causing some anxiety, as our friends Dark Fruit were making the 4 1/2 hour drive down from Lincoln, Nebraska. I have my suspicions that ice was only the scapegoat for the true nerves on hand...would anyone show up, would the logistics all work in harmony so the sound, atmosphere, parking?...would turn out okay and let the performances take center stage, or..."center of my living room."

In the end pretty much everything went smooth, although no one I invited showed up, thankfully Joel Cachero's invites yielded a small but warm group of participants... I say participants because truly, in such an intimate setting the vibe is essential, the collective energy of everyone present was going to weigh in on the experience as much as any other elements of the night.

And the energy was very conductive! After convening with Adam, Israel (comprising Dark Fruit), Joel, and Anibal over a crock-pot of vegan chili, and setting up the treasure trove of misfit electronic gear Dark Fruit employs, a scene recalling a mad scientist's operating room literally filed my living room from corner to corner. It seemed whatever the night was to hold, Dark Fruit could resuscitate & animate it back into a twirling furry of energy.

Joel Cachero and Anibal Rivas played some fervent jazz tunes, one of which was a beautiful original by Joel. Those two get bolder and brighter every time they play together (you should keep an eye out for their appearances around Wichita, bringing class to whatever venue they command.)

Next, after an interlude of more chili and libations, Joel played a set that was the most at home I've witnessed. The improvisational confidence and genius captured in his home recordings burst forth displaying the lush moods that envelop the listener. It was a performance that really set the tone for the evening and one I will always hold in reverence.

Another short break, and then the main event, Dark Fruit, with Adam and Israel's set-up sprawled out and facing each other, Israel, bounding with energy, shuffled toward every light switch in the house, replacing the relaxed light with darkness, as a sole lamp with a stained glass bulb under-lit a floor tom residing directly below a microphone stretched out to reach Israel who was standing, almost levitating from the pent up energy about to be unfolded. As Adam was seated at a keyboard with numerous pedals and a guitar in close reach...he started a droning whizz, click, whirl of a sound...more organic than digital in nature...which built up as the two set forth on their improvised set. It was like jazz sorcery beating with a tribal pulse that quickly put most everyone into a trance...many times I shut my eyes, trying to become aware of the truth that all which existed was sound (vibrations) as I let the glyphs and wormholes Dark Fruit was churning out take me further into the realm of the ceremony at hand.

Beyond the above description, I have nothing else to offer in the form of words, as it really couldn't do Dark Fruit any justice. Adam and Israel are truly unique and vibrant people who use music as a vessel for channeling so much through the music, as are Joel and Anibal.

The small group of partakers thinned to a couple of people (musicians included), so I saw no point in performing other than for the sake of returning the gift of sharing that I just received.

After a couple of songs, we started tearing down, dismantling the temple we had just erected, a temple in which we all took away a piece to carry with us. The house show was a success on the deepest and most meaningful of levels...and surely you will be hearing more about my take on the implications this form of community has opened my eyes to.

Oh, and we recorded the show...! ! Video and AUDIO...So stay tuned for the artifacts that we preserved!