Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Collective Consciousness & the business of MUSIC ?

We are all connected, the fact that you're reading this proves, on 1 of many possible levels, this truth which is the new buzz of the moment. The collective consciousness, whether you know it or not (would that be collective unconsciousness, lol) is the new fire, or wheel, or penicillin... It is a revolution of self awareness, discovery (understanding), a revelation that is opening humans up to infinite possibilities. One possibility, and probably the least mystical but no less affecting, is the Internet... and especially affecting when paired with MUSIC (not the Music eBusiness.)

The songs I've been writing and recording over the pasts 7 months have shone with glints of light, revealing MY interpretations of the consciousness I've unveiled. I can only once again give credit for my inspiration to the muting of my mind...where imagination and emotion charge the creative process... Very quickly I realized that it was a muse, a true and living being, my wife Nichole, that had broken open a channel that I previously had on standby, exploring only periodically on a whim. This channel now floods with inspiration, and though I am simply a vessel, I'm hopefully a finely crafted and specialized vessel, sculpting songs that may even become a muse. Now I've witnessed the door opened by many muses, all helping to craft the album we will bring to fruition shortly.

WE? Yes, WE. With the new social media platform of Kickstarter, we can take part in bringing this abstract (yet tangible) technology, an offspring of consciousness, into the physical world through VINYL RECORD. That's right, this new empowering and positive tool can help my humble artistic vision live and breathe in the grooves of an empowering and positive record!

I've realized (unlike "the industry"-typical-) that the monetizing of a recording has come to an end. I believe that a digital sound file should be free. Let it soar through the Wi-Fi hubs, weaving it's web, connecting I to YOU, and YOU to ANOTHER! Let my songs and ideas become a simultaneous canvas & mirror for you to gaze at as it reflects your own vibrations back to you. I won't try and sell a $0.99 piece of abstract inventory to you. I see a RECORD as different from a recording (and unequivocally different than a digital recording.) I feel that if someone wants to pay for something, they should get something of physical value in return, with a shape and form, requiring a real moment in time to experience playing it and feeling the waves of sound vibrate your being. So, instead I offer a VINYL RECORD of inspired beginnings & a revolutionary cultivation that can transcend a life measured in Top Selling Charts and trends of the day. So, I would love if you'd visit the link below & share it with people! In doing so you've already made quite the accomplishment by AFFECTING something you are ultimately apart of (funded project or unfunded, you play a role!) Also, follow my blog to hear more about the process and learn about the documentary involved. And check Kickstarter for updates and song previews.