Sunday, December 6, 2009

Updates in Track list.

Here is the latest and most likely track listing...and some themes incorporated with each:

I...the Hare, and Muse
Side A
"Orchard of time" - timelessness , dreams...
...cycles of life. Death. Rebirth.
"Vessels" - power of thoughts, psychokinesis... change...mind body & spirit, Dr. Emoto, Solar Gazing, Kundalini Serpent DNA
"When She Speaks, I Listen" - Duality, Matriarchal society, Gaia... listening
"The Hare & The Muse" - love and inspiration from the connection between an industrious being and a muse.
"Composition#1" - an ode to a muse in handmade theremin

Side B
"Naive (Hidden Muse)" - Naivete ... humility. bravery in honesty.
"Unscapes" - tangible escapism. rapture. ambition.
"Alternate Tuning" - #&* @(* ~+ !88 #$D !OdS}*
"Resolve" - humility. then. empowerment. then. truth.
"Lightning" - no bs, just you and infinite possibility and it's
crushing weight.