Monday, September 21, 2009

A Consciousness Project (Music 2.0)

Another light, an ascension to another inspired height overlooking the place WE occupy! After an amazing couple of days, which saw the wisdom of the Mayan daily Tzolk'in reverberate in my life resoundingly, I am further opening my consciousness to the possibilities of my little project. The album that will be "I...the Hare, and Muse" has been a journey discovering an artistic wellspring, a current that connects my personal identity with that of the universe, and fittingly the past couple of days (a new "round" in the Tzolk'in started Sep. 9th) have given me a great new vessel to express this perspective.

This vessel, my new revelation, is in the form of a song, but one crafted from the current consciousness of the people involved...A SONG WE WILL BRING TO LIFE TOGETHER! In a way it is our own little consciousness project (google "global consciousness project"). Here is how it will go down:
The first 10 people to pledge $10 toward my kickstarter project will help me write and record this song. Why pledge? Because the pledging (which has rewards and direct reciprocation for your support) is one of the important aspects of the whole project. The whole idea that I am reaching out to others, trying to affect them, and inspire support for something bigger than us all is vital. So the first 10 backers will join me online, in a social networking site (where our identities our connected...) of our choosing, to write a song LINE BY LINE! After the song is penned, all the co-authors will be invited to join me in recording this song! The final product and videos of all this will be uploaded for others to witness what one little proactive idea can do!

Imagine the implications of this meeting of minds, done online in the realm of our consciousness' obsession, to bring to life a living breathing piece of music! Imagine the web of interconnectedness that will be revealed & the coincidences and levels of dual meaning possible! Maybe two or three of the backers will be musicians from seemingly unrelated genres mixing with someone that can/wants to only play a kazoo! The age range and background of the writers could vary immensely, all of which increasing the beauty of our song!

Visit my kickstarter page to pledge (a dollar gets you access to all updates, not to mention free downloads and other rewards) and snatch up this opportunity to take part in our mini consciousness music project!