Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A reiteration

I...the Vessel, and you.........ANYTHING YOU CAN DREAM!
Listening to music is more than a pastime for me. It unfolds real world possibilities, it shows me the heights and lows of the human condition, each musician shading his account in a unique way. Art has always been rendered as an expression of possibilities, even if unknowingly by the artist. The degree to which you unbound your imagination is tantamount to the degree of possibilities your art resolves.

Why I'm Here.
Music has always opened me to sensing the world with inspired passion. There are few things as pleasurable than being aurally engulfed, transcending all mundane specifics and contrivances of the day to day. In fact, my love of music has lead me to live life more in tune with it's guttural and inspired aspects...not too mention inspired me to make music all the more instinctively and less "heady".

Now when I pick up my guitar I feel-it-out (and myself) with a quiet observance, and thankfully I have been rewarded with inspired and articulate rushes of music and words...and suddenly, a living breathing song, bigger than me, lies poised and ready for me to wield.

Why You Are HERE

Well I want to wield these songs in an equally meaningful manner. If you and I ever have the chance to share in a reading of one my songs, it would be an honor... but i may only have that chance with dozens to hundreds or thousands of people at best! But isn't that what's wonderful about technology when it's implemented with integrity, that it opens up new and amazing possibilities liberating us from prior limitations?!

If I can offer you the chance to hold a record in your hand, place it with quiet anticipation on your turntable, switching on buttons, finding your place on the couch or cradled by a pillow on the floor...in for the long haul, no easy way to skip forward, or download and file away the vibrations of sound, my vibrations that I captured with altruistic intent to have played back like a hologram recounting the scene in my humble little room through my unique perspective to your own... Well, that sounds like a dream come true!

What Does THAT MEAN?

I have risked a lot, & at the same time, nothing, by leaving my aspirations in your hands. I have asked others who wait & watch for those transcending moments, where possibilities awaken into "THE NOW", to help me share my perspective of an incredible & unbounded world lying at our feet. Collectively we can use the tools at hand and build new possibilities through the accomplishments of our dreams, desires and imagination.! Help me bring my words & music to others, thereby inspiring them to new heights! For more, check out my project: